New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

All Saints Day

I went to Catholic High School so today was a holiday which meant off from school when I was in school. This past weekend being Halloween weekend brought me back to the days where all I had to worry about was what my costume was going to be and what party to go to. Now my biggest concern this Halloween was how to make it to all the grandparents and great grandparents houses to have them visit with Juliette in her Lady Bug costume. We made it everywhere we intended to go and my husband got about 5 hours to himself on Football day of all days! My worries were getting Jules tights for her little legs so they wouldn’t be cold and getting shoes that matched. I originally bought her the black shoes trying to avoid the red ruby slipper click your heels to go home where is her little black dog in a basket comments but alas, red was the only color over the past month and a half that I was able to find in her size, so I caved and Red Sparkly Ruby Slippers it was.

(In this Picture from the left is My awesome sister Laura, her son Timmy, Myself and Jules. We visited with our parents yesterday. )

Now that October is over we are on to the next holiday. Christmas,….oh wait Thanksgiving duh! We don’t really do Thanksgiving big much anymore. When we were kids we used to drive up to Vermont and visit with my Aunt Uncle and Cousin since they had very little time off ( being College professors) to make the 8 hour drive to PA and visit the rest of our family. Now that I am married I have family everywhere, and everyone wants to see my beautiful little girl. Holidays are not fun for me. To say the least. Lately though I am not concerned about the holidays I am hung up on the potential for a job.  I applied for a job that I REALLY want. It would be perfect.  A good job to start part time and graduate to full time with the ability to climb the ladder. This will work well for what we and I specifically want. I “could” get just any job but I really want to use my degree and not let it go to waste. I had one interview last week and I was called back for a second. The second interview was a group interview with one other girl. While I feel that BOTH interviews went very well, the other applicant ALREADY worked for the company before. She was had left because she moved. I will not elaborate until I know more but how do I compete with someone who already has all the knowledge and training she needs, all she needs now is a brush up training and that’s it! Despite this info I am still confident in my first impression interview and my resume is impressive. I have not lost hope, but I will be increasingly anxious until Wednesday which is when I should know by. Then on Wednesday I will either be very happy or very angry/disappointed/frustrated take your pick. So cross your fingers and hope for the best. I am.


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