New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…


So Jules is crawling everywhere. She wants everything I touch and everything I am about to touch. This means my computer is limited to naps or bedtime and thats only if I am not at the gym or cleaning something. I have managed to get to the gym everyday except Easter and the day after that. I am kicking myself for not going on Monday, on Easter I didn’t really have a choice, my husband had to work and I had to be a mommy. Nothing new. I feel in between. Between my old body and my post baby body. Between wife and mom. Between daughter and wife. Between lonely and crowded. So much betweens but never just one thing for long. Multitasking is my life. In conversation, in action, in rest…haha rest like I ever really get that. So many things I miss about my old life. You know the one I had when I was a girlfriend, a college student, an employee. One where I wasn’t concerned about my weight or my clothes fitting. The life seems like such a distant memory. Yet I would not trade my life now for how it was, not that I could, but if  I could I wouldn’t. I love my husband more than words can say and I love our daughter more than I ever thought I could. Our life as a family has changed me and I have learned so much. We are two months away from Jules first birthday and less than a month away from our One year wedding anniversary. I cherish everything we have, but that doesn’t stop me from missing what I had then. I guess that’s life, and its a blessed life at that.


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