New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

On track to the old me

So I had my appointment with Dr. OB yesterday and I feel much much MUCH better! IUD is history.  It may work for you but it was not for me and I don’t know if its just relief but I swear I am starting to feel a bit better already and it hasn’t even been 24 hours. I was told that I could have been sensitive to the progesterone in the Mirena but I have all sorts of “homework” to do such as keeping a mood diary. Dr. OB used to be in internal medicine and diagnostics so I feel pretty good being looked  at by her. I have heard about this so called “crash” that people experience after having their IUD removed. I am a bit fearful of what that may bring but I am confident that I am on the track to my old clothes and that is DEFINATELY where I want to be. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? In my case I don’t eat cake but a girls gotta have her crutch AKA chocolate and for me that is M&Ms. Yup my weakness. I love those suckers. Anyway the mood diary is because I used to suffer from HORRIBLE anxiety and panic attacks. So much so that the high doses of meds that I was on  made me go totally wacky when I got pregnant with Jules and I dropped all medication cold turkey because no doctor was able to help me figure out the “real reason” for the way I felt. Very frustrating time in my life. Dr. OB thinks its possible I still have an underlying anxiety condition which I of course denied, but know that more than likely I definitely do, I just don’t want to be bombarded with all sorts of medications. I hate adding things to my body. When I got pregnant with Jules that was a big deal and I was supposed to be happy, instead I was miserable. So YES I may have an anxiety issue but I will deal with it without medication because I hate that stuff. Another reason why I feel that the Mirena wasn’t for me either. I tried it though, can’t say I didn’t. Hopefully my body will regulate itself after a while. So I went to tackle a few things 1) Migraines 2) Skin Issue 3)Weight issue. I have therefore been recommended to see a Neurologist, dermatologist and a nutritionist. So I have a busy busy time ahead of me. Oh yeah and in ALL THAT, she recommended I start doing twice daily doses of the gym! I can barely get there once a day let alone twice, but if twice a day to the gym will get me back to my size 2 or even a 4 I am all for it. I don’t feel like me in this body, and in order for my little girl to grow up confident in herself I need to get back to being confident in myself and that is something I definitely am not back to yet. Well its after 9am, time to start calling and making appointments!


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