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Is an apology too much to ask for?

I am not a person to hold a grudge, not usually.  Sam’s brother who drinks more often than the average person said some things while drinking during mid January. I have not talked to him since. He basically disowned Jules and I. Sam on the other hand didn’t talk to his brother for a while and then all of a sudden its like nothing happened. No apology needed. I am sure I have detailed my anger about this in previous posts but I continue to wonder, is it too much to ask for an apology. Too much for him to admit he did something wrong. I wasn’t even trying to do anything but ask how his trip to Colorado was and he lashed out, unnecessarily. If we lived far away from each other that could obviously be an excuse to not see one another but he lives 20 minutes away. I just want him to admit he was rude and that he is sorry. Is that too much to ask?


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