New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Monday Ramblings

I feel like I need to write, yet I don’t really have anything to complain about. I am not in a complaining mood. I am not exhausted but I am tired. That probably has something to do with the fact that its 9am on Monday morning. Coffee in one hand and Jules happily watching Little Einsteins right on the floor in front of me. Of course the cat has now jumped up next to me and decided to walk right across my computer to remind me that I have yet to give him his wet food this morning. It can wait.

In the new area of our lives Jules is crawling, a little. She gets around pretty well but its more rolling and inching rather than full fledged crawling. That’s okay though, I haven’t fully baby proofed this joint yet. I have on the other hand become an OCD cleaning freak expert. I constantly find myself going from changing diapers to cleaning bottles, to changing cat liter to  prepping food back to taking the trash out. The sink is the thing I see most during the day and my knuckles are dry and cracked because of it. I try to remember to put lotion on my hands but apparently not enough. I even went as far as to buy the Dawn dish washing soap with Olay moisturizers in it. Thank Goodness it was on sale because I would have cringed buying it at regular price. I think the last time I washed my hands nearly this much was when I used to serve in restaurants. So glad I don’t do than anymore. I find myself cleaning in circles, by the time almost everything is done its time to start over again. AND if I don’t keep up, its just a messier mess to clean. My laundry room ( which is downstairs attached to our garage and NOT heated) its a disaster area.  Plus as soon as I finish sweeping and mopping, husband comes home and tracks rock salt and snow throughout! –>Makes me want to pull my hair out! So inbetween prepping lunches and dinners and making baby bottles, I will be wiping baby poop, scooping cat poop and intensely washing my hands….Anyone jealous of my life? Ha didn’t think so. Jules makes everything worth it though. She is growing so fast and makes me love so much more than I ever though possible. Aside from the double teething situation which has made the last few days a little rougher than usual, I am so glad I am her mommy and she wants me. I can’t help but feel bad when Sam comes home and she would rather mommy hold her than daddy, but it also makes me smile inside. Is that terrible?  Anyway today we have a play date with our friend whos baby was born at an early 31 weeks and is thriving! I am rather excited to meet her and hopefully Jules will give me two minutes of peace so that I can hold her. We will see though.  Okay enough of my rambling Jules is calling me.


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