New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

My head is a blow fish ready to POP

I feel like a blow fish. My head does anyway. I am sick. SO SICK. I don’t think about it that much at least I hadn’t before now. I stay at home with my baby and I don’t think about vacation days or sick days or if I don’t feel well enough to go to to work. HA. I work 24/7!  no breaks, nope, not at all. Just because I feel like the room is slowly spinning when I get up, or that the area below my nose is raw from blowing it, despite the awesomeness of Puffs plus lotion with Vicks ( one of the two things in this household I don’t skimp on, the other one being TP) NyQuil made it possible to get in at least 6 full hours of uninterrupted sleep and Jules slept soundly in her crib. Another thing to be thankful for because she is also suffering from the same cold.  Cold….such a simple word for such crappy complicated yuckiness! On Friday I felt it coming. Nose running, headaches on an off…okay that’s dealwithable. Sam, Jules and I went to my parents house to celebrate my nephews 2nd birthday. Belated party due to the massiveness of snow that had fallen the past week. Before the evening was over my ears felt like popping and my eye balls  felt like baseballs. OUCHIE. Telling my husband I was in pain was pointless. I couldn’t hear what he had to say anyway. The weekend proceeded as such. Me on Couch. Oh whats that you say? I have a baby to take care of? What did I do about her? Did I have someone come watch her? I wish. Luckily my dear little girl is addicted to Little Einsteins, of which I have now watched a million and one episodes of in order to lay mindlessly on the couch and think about all the stuff that needs doing that I was nowayinhell about to do this weekend. I am so thankful that Jules is sleeping so well in her crib. Big props to my dear friend who suggested propping her mattress with a pillow to help her breathe! Helping her breathe in her crib helped me sleep in my bed. ALONE>!!!!! VICTORY WAS MINE!!!! Ha I am probably suffering from psychosis now that I have been on cold medicine all weekend. All is not better, but I am armed with hot showers and tissues and of course Little Einsteins and the internet. Of course Days end is supposed to bring more snow. Oh yeah and on top of all that crap…Jules had a growth spurt pushing her OUT of 9 months clothes into 12 months clothes. OY! So after prying myself out of bed and into the shower this morning I cleaned up her room and put those clothes away. At this rate she is going to be a WNBA star before shes 2! Exaggerating I know, but come on, I am housebound and sick with an infant. What else am I supposed to do!


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