New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

8 months, 2 years and SNOW!!!!

So Jules is 8 months old. E-I-G-H-T, 8  Whole MONTHS have gone by. I feel like it was just yesterday that she was so tiny and jaudiced and all curled up in her fetal position just getting used to the ability to stretch outside the womb. I spend day in and day out feeding her and teaching her and love love loving her!!!! She is my world. I can no longer imagine myself without her. She is the bestest gift in the whole world and I am so grateful to my husband for giving her to me, to us ! Our Family! Her deep blue oceanic eyes she was born with are now light and tinged a bit green. She laughs when we clap her hands for her ( she can’t quite figure out how to do it by herself yet). She doesn’t want to crawl much by she certainly is trying, and by trying I mean she tries to go fowards and slides backwards. Its really quite adorable. She is 29 freaking inches long! Do you know what that means! She wears 12 month sleepers! It was like Thursday morning she fit in 9 month sleepers and then this morning BAM! no more! I humored myself and went digging for baby clothes that were 12 months that I had already bought. One sleeper, just one! EVERYTHING ELSE IS SUMMER STUFF!  Shorts, tees and tons and tons of dresses. By the way….I only bought a few things, my mother has purchased the rest of it. I can’t imagine her running around, balanced and upright, but I am sure we will get there sooner than I expect and it won’t take long. I went to give her a bottle in the rocking chair this morning because my husband was asleep on the couch. She was too big in my arms to stretch out and be comfortable. When did my little girl get so big?

Plus this evening we are supposed to drive down to my parents house and celebrate my nephews 2nd BIRTHDAY! OMG TELL ME HE HISN”T TWO ALREADY! for realz…I feel so old… Anyway it was cancelled because of the impending massive snow storm that we are supposed to get. Ummmmm no snow yet and the party was supposed to start in about 20 minutes…. This weekend is prepared for. We are going to get snowed in and watch lots of football. Sounds good right. Well I hope it goes well. We are grocery shopped and have plenty of diapers and formula and clean laundry. Oh yeah AND I went to Carters and bought my little big girl some 12 months warm clothes. I spent all of 39.oo for 171.00 worth of baby clothes. I have never been more proud of my sale shoppinng in my whole freaking life . Plus it only took me 45 minutes from my front door and back!  So eventhough its NOT snowing yet. Bring it on Mother Nature, I am all good here!


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