New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…


Life feels flat right now. No motivation. There’s nothing in the kitchen I want to eat. There is nothing in my closet that makes me look good. None of my clothes are comfortable, with the exception of sweatpants and even they aren’t as comfy as when I was thin (aka before Jules) I love my baby. I love her and I spend all my time doing things for her. I don’t want to clean right now. Sometimes I get really into cleaning, its sick how into cleaning I get. Not today. Today I feel flat. I don’t want to get up and do anything. I feel bloated and semi nauseous. That could all be in my head though. I just don’t want to do much today. The flatness has spread from my mind to my limbs and getting off my butt seems like special opps task. Can I just go to sleep and wake up next week and feel all better? Please?


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