New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Catch Up

Apparently its Wednesday again. So much stuff has been going on I haven’t even had time to do a fun post much less a full post of expressive writing. Where do I start? Lets see

Yesterday I went to see my sister and my nephew. That was fun. We barely get to see one another because we live almost an hour away( no excuse right?) AND she is studying to be a nurse and working. She is a busy woman. Congrats to her by the way she is now engaged to her sons father! Great News.

Monday…Monday Jules and I stayed home all day, I recovered from Sunday.

Sunday was Hubs and I tailgated at the Eagles game with a bunch of people from Planet Fitness and his brother. It was my first time leaving Juliette with someone for more than three hours. I got hammered.completely. totally. hammered. By the end of the day all I wanted to do was pass out. It was also the first time I had more than one drink at a time since before becoming pregnant with Juliette. FUN TIMES.

Saturday, what did I do Saturday?…Ah yes we met with monsignor to confirm the date for our “church wedding”, the blessing on our JOP wedding. Its now photo 2confirmed May 1, 2010 ( our one year wedding anniversary). Oh right Saturday was ALSO HALLOWEEN.  We had a costume that was bought for her at our baby shower that she wore. Can you guess what she was, a pumpkin. I know, every baby out there is a pumpkin, well not EVERY baby but a lot of babies.

Thursday, Oooohhh Thursday was great. My friend from grade school who now lives in Colorado was in town for a wedding. She was pregnant during the same time I was pregnant with Jules and her son Chase ( Yes he was named partly after one of our favorite Phillies), he was born three weeks after Jules was born. We got together at the mall with our babies and caught up a bit in person. It was SOOOO GOOOD to see her. I wish she was closer. I have no close friends and it was great to connect with someone that I have known for so long. Jules was good while we were there, Chase is her boyfriend. The babies didn’t really pay much mind to each other, there was so much going on in the mall in general, which we realized towards the end of the day that it was MALLOWEEN. We ran into my sister and her fiance and my nephew on our way out. Which was nice, but we had been there for about five hours, and that was more than I could ask for from an almost five month old.

Overall I am struggling. Not horribly but internally. I have been breastfeeding Juliette since she learned how to latch. Breastfeeding has always been difficult with her. When she does it, its great. Its rewarding and nearly brings the world to a standstill I could just sit and watch her and I wouldn’t notice the world stopped. The rest of the time its hard. She will cry, scream, squirm, whimper. I’ll express a little into her mouth and maybe that will distract her from what she wants and then she returns to the upset child that is acting like I am asking her to do an obsticle course with one arm tied behind her back. I try to nurse and after a few minutes of all her tiredness I give up. I wander to the fridge to get expressed breastmilk, only now in the past couple of months my supply has plummetted. At first I thought I was dehydrated, no, not eating enough, no, not active enough? Too active? Try Oatmeal, try more water, more fatty foods, healthy foods. Tried skin to skin, laying in bed with her.  All in all I have resorted to supplementing with formula. WHAT! You think I WANTED to? Don’t you dare criticize me for wanting to FEED MY CHILD> she needs to eat, I can’t I won’t starve her! I’m considering buying some Fenugreek tonight and starting that. I also have intentions on calling my doctor to see what she thinks. I have already called a billion or what seems like a billion people already. Read my post titled Phone to get caught up on that. I have these ideas that there is something I did wrong, and I am beginning to think it has something to do with getting an IUD too early(Five weeks post pardum) Why didn’t my doctor tell me this might affect my supply. Plus I also think the IUD is possibly making it impossible to lose weight, but that’s another post.

As for today, its already 3:00, Jules is asleep and I am supposed to take her over to my father in-laws house to visit with him before he leaves for Vacation on Saturday.

Tomorrow: I don’t know yet

Friday: Leaving Jules with my parents because Sam and I am going to a wedding out in Lancaster.

What a busy busy week for us! Black and White Juliette Pumpkin '09



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