New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Bejeweled Addiction

Hi My name is Kate and I am addicted to playing Bejeweled.

I must admit I play it all the time. I play when I am watching tv. I play it when I am playing with Jules I play when I am pumping my bewbies. I play it in the middle of the night, at the butt crack of dawn and into the wee hours of the morning. The sad part is I can’t seem to get over 100,000 as a score more than once. Oh yeah I have read about how to get a better score. I see all the people on Facebook who beat me on a constant basis achieving over 150 – 200, 000. I can’t do it. Is  there a bigger secret than the tips they give you? If there is please feed my addiction and bejeweled-300x249let me know so  I can further drown myself in what has become the only thing that seems to fill my so called spare time on the computer up other than fantasy football. Yeah I play fantasy football and I am a champion. Not to brag, that was for my husband, to remind him, yeah his wife is a champion! How many years have you played fantasy Sam and are YOU a champion?  Anyway while he is out doing his thing helping support our cute little family I sit here on my computer and play bejeweled.I have even been awarded a “you have played 25 games in a row”. Crap. 25 Games. I wonder how long it took for me to do that? Oh well here goes another 25. On another note I slept great FANFREAKINTASTIC last night and yeah I don’t care if that isn’t a word, today in my vocabulary it has a place. Jules slept all the way until 7:15 this morning. Can you hear the angels singing? Ahhh and she nursed, which by the way she hasn’t been doing frequently causing me to pump around the clock. FUN– NOT. Now though she is back to sleep in her swing. I should be showering and getting ready to go to the church to talk to Monsignor about wedding plans but here I am blogging and bejeweling like its going to save my life. I mean if my life were turned into a video game of bejeweled and my safety depended on playing bejeweled I could reach about 50=75,000 almost every time but if I have to go above that to save my life? See ya in the bejeweled afterlife. I mean I can reach a very high score when I play Bejeweled 2 on my i phone and on my computer which of course I have had for a very long time but the one minute time that you have to do it on Facebook all while being able to do everything else that Facebook offers as well …well then shoot me now because I am never going to stop, well at least until the baby starts to wake up or cry or something along those lines. Hey I could be addicted to   more things that are much worse, bejeweled not so bad.


By the way Happy Halloween !




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