New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…


I don’t like talking on the phone much. I don’t know why. I used to. When I was in highschool or college even I was on the phone ALL THE TIME. Now not so much. I even avoid calls. I try not to avoid them completely anymore because thats just bad manners and I don’t want to come across as Rude…at least not all the time, besides now I have an infant and there is good reason for me not to answer my phone every time it rings. Especially when my mother calls. I will say I do love my mother, for everything that she has ever done for me whether or not I appreciated it or not, she does things because she cares. That said she calls me with the most ridiculous reasons. First she doesn’t know how to work her phone. I think. She will accidently purse call me and I will call her back, no answer. Three days later she will call me a said I just saw your missed call, did you just call me?….Um No mom, that was THREE DAYS AGO. Shes getting better at that, my sister and I are trying to teach her how to use a cell phone to the fullest. It wasn’t until a year ago that my mom actually started to figure out voicemail, but thats another story. My daughter has been striking nursing on an off since her upper respiratory infection a month ago and I have been pumping like a mad woman. My nipples HURT. So in order to reduce my pain and pumping time I have started to introduce formula to my little one. Jules seems fine with it. My mom on the other hand keeps asking me questions, like I haven’t already called fifteen people from Le Leche League or Nursing Mothers to get advice(No one has called me back by the way!!). I have called lactation consultants, left phone messages on peoples answering machines who I don’t even know. I have scrolled the endless webpages dedicated to women who are going through the same issue. My mom seems to not realize that. She gave me some of the same numbers that I ALREADY CALLED. plus a million other things and then GET THIS….WAIT FOR IT…


NO mom I am NOT pregnant. The IUD I had put in five weeks post Juliette is working fine. I can’t believe she asked me that. In her “research” which probably was a website somewhere that told her mothers milk can change when getting pregnant, that might cause my baby to just decide ehhh I don’t want to nurse anytime but 4am? I can’t even begin to tell you all how flabbergasted I was at the thought of even becoming pregnant again this soon. Did she think I was a nut. I Know people who got pregnant while having an infant already. I Wanted to prevent that and I am still trying to prevent that. Damn! So that wasn’t really the line of thought I had going into this post but thats what the Phone gets me. Next time my mom calls I am very tempted to just not pick up. Unfortunately she is coming over today to babysit while I go to the gym so I guess if it means I get some alone time to try and get this mommy body back into shape I guess I will answer the phone if my mom calls. If I have to.


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