New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Random Tuesday Thoughts


1) It is way too WINDY outside

2) Baby socks are so freaking cute!

3)I love my pink case for my iphone, but I want another color too

4)I really like the show The Good Wife, Somehow I am liking Trauma too..

5)I just used the bathroom, and lets just say I was NOT pleased with the results...Nice to see you AF, NOT!

6)I look more pregnant now than when I did at three months pregnant.... FML

7)My nipples hurt from pumping

8)I set out five bottles of water each morning and see if I can drink them all during the day, usually I can't ( I drink Way to much hot tea)

9)I almost ran out of TV to watch before the Fall Premires started, but I watched the whole series ANGEL before that happened....I liked it, although season five wasn't that great

10) My cats have been playing hockey with the cat nip container, like "hey if we play with it maybe she will get a clue and give us some"....HA ...

11) The cats just opened the cat nip contained...probably a there is a pile of cat nip on my living room floor. Sigh

12)Sam spends all his free time in the evening working on his Fantasy Football teams.

13)Something about this weather makes me want hot chocolate....yup hot coca here I come.


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