New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Under the covers

So this weekend was long for us. My husband had off on Thursday and Friday, after working ten days straight for PFs dollar down special. I love taking a break from normal schedules but being Monday, my body just feels all out of wack. This past weekend I did a whole lot of cleaning. The whole house is clean! I did baking, I made banana bread, cupcakes and brownies. These are things that haven’t changed about me. I have always loved neurotically cleaning the whole house and baking tasty treats . I love seeing the look on my husbands face when he comes home to the smell of baking brownies and dinner on the table in a house that is clean from top to bottom.  That is about the only thing that hasn’t changed about me in the last year. I used to be a workaholic. I loved my life and don’t get me wrong I love my life now, just differently. Motherhood changes everything. It changes how I feel about others. It changed how I feel about controversy. It changed how I feel about money and expenses. It changed how I feel about my husband( Just love him soo much more!) Motherhood has changed how I plan things. I can hold a conversation but I will completely forget what I am talking about if I hear Jules cry or make a sad face or even squeal. I never used to get sidetracked like that. Not a big deal, just different.  I love having the opportunity to stay home with her . I love being that person who is here with her all day whenever she needs to be changed or fed or play, or cuddle. Cuddles are my favorite. This morning I woke up and it was so cold. I picked her up out of the swing and brought her back to bed with me and we just cuddled under the covers for about 45 minutes. It was probably the highlight of my day.  I covered us up and pulled the blankets over our heads and the intrigue on her face was so precious.  So now its Monday, I have a clogged kitchen sink, at least the left side of the sink is clogged(FML) and  I have 5 plastic grocery bags FILLED with other plastic grocery bags that I am going to bring back to Giant because they recycle them there. Jules will not seem to nap for more than a half hour and she will be super cranky tonight if she doesn’t nap, not to mention I will be cranky if she doesn’t nap more. If everything else fails I will just take her to bed and cuddle with her until she naps. Screw dinner I’m napping with my baby!


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