New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Go Eagles

So here I am sitting in my rocking chair. My baby is asleep in her swing ( Thank GOD) and my husband is asleep on the couch. The television has the NFL network on from before Sam fell asleep, but I didn’t mind because it helped Jules fall asleep too. Weird, but who am I to question what helps my babe fall asleep. Anyways, I have just about nothing to report. Its Raining, yipee. I not thrilled nor upset about the rain. Its just one of those days. Yeah one of those days that time just seems way out of whack. My cats are being super affectionate, which I love but worries me. Since Juliette was born I obviously don’t have enough time for them as I used to. Bedtime used to be special kitty time. I would retreat to the bedroom where my cats would stop whatever it was that they were into and follow me to bed. Slinky would set himself on my pillow and Yoyo at my feet. Too cute for words really. These cats are my babies my buds my best friends. They are five years old as of the beginning of September, and come October we will have had them for five years. Anyway now that Juliette is here, they are wary of her. They walk away when I have her in my arms, which is most of the time. Slinky no longer sleeps on my pillow because she sleeps in bed with me. Yoyo sometimes sleeps at my feet but not always. They no longer follow me to bed because the baby is there instead. I guess I feel like they are being more affectionate because I don’t get down on the floor and give them attention like I used to. Its okay, as I write this Slinky is sitting at the opposite end of the couch from my husband, going in and out of sleep and watching me type. So the nothingness of today drones on…those of you still reading this, props to you!

all three of them

Grocery shopping which Sam so energetically said he was going to do has not been done yet. I offered. I wanted to go. I rarely get out of the house without baby. I went to the outlets around the corner to get a baby gift for a birthday party we are attending on Sunday, after the Eagles game of course. Sam texted me numerous times to come home( even though I was only gone for 45 minutes) because Jules was hysterical. HELLO try having her all day long everyday without help. Not that she is not good, she is very good. No issues. Hes just not used to it. So here I sit in my rocking chair. Oh I have a fantasy draft starting shortly, oh hubs just moved his head! Maybe just maybe the groceries will get bought….and oh wait, head back to the pillow….maybe not. Anyways, this has been my rainy Friday. I hope the weekend goes better than today. GO EAGLES.


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