New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…



Baby Socks: They are so tiny and cute, at least that’s what I thought before Jules came along. Now aside from being tiny and cute they are also falling off here and there and won’t STAY ON HER FEET. I don’t know if they just don’t fit, or if she doesn’t like them or if they are just falling off or is she really KICKING them off. There are baby socks in the couch cushions there are baby socks in my bed, there are baby socks rolled up in a blanket and when I did the wash this morning ( of all her clothes) there were three baby socks….all of them different. So While I am gushing all about socks I believe in putting on a sleeper on the baby as much as possible….

My husbands Socks: Ok my carpet is beige or tan or whatever you want to call it. Its not MY carpet, its the Landlords carpet so I don’t get to change it. Its in good shape, no complains but black spots are very visible. God How I WISH they weren’t. My husband wears black socks naturally to match black shoes for work. So when he is done work for the day he comes home generally eats dinner with me and sits down on the couch in front of the TV. So then he is totally sucked into this monstrous television and starts to pry his socks off. There go the socks the black socks that he wears, all day….at the gym…where he sweats….yep sweaty feet YUCK. Anyway those feet cause little black fuzzies to attach to his feet, and ball up. Yep they ball up between his toes and under his toe nails and what does he do. He sits on the couch and picks his feet. He picks his toes, he picks off his toe nails, and he picks the BLACK FUZZIES AND DROPS THEM ON MY CARPET. My carpet then has black fuzzy sweat balls on my carpet and they get tracked EVERYWHERE. So due to my husbands black socks and his disgusting picking his feet habit I am so very annoyed at my husbands black socks.

My socks: Right now I hate socks. My feet are the only part of me that still look normal from before pregnancy. Maybe my calves too, but I am focused here on my feet. They are pretty. I don’t have any warts or a freaky toe or anything, I mean they aren’t goregous feet but I think they are kinda pretty. So I live in flip flps until Fall or mid Fall. I am always sad when I have to say goodbye to flip flops….at least then I live in my Uggs. So basically my socks are nowhere to be seen.

So there you have it. All our socks, black sweat fuzzies and all. God I love my vacuum.


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