New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Pre-Jordan Class….Baptism later this month

So today was the Pre-Jordan class that we were required to attend in order to baptize our daughter. A little bit of background…

I was raised Catholic

I was baptized, received first penance, first communion, confirmation and even though our marriage in May was not done in a Church I fully intend on getting Married in our Church next year on our one year anniversary.

I was supposed to go to Catholic grade school but my mom( who taught 5th grade at a Catholic grade school before I was born) didn’t want me taking a bus and switching to another bus for a total of an hour plus bus ride to school. *thanks mom!*

I did attend Catholic High School ( of my own choice)

While I say I am catholic, I am not your typical Catholic, or maybe I am it just depends on what your definition of typical Catholic is. When I was a Junior in High School I attended a retreat called Kairos. While the details in full entirely escape me at the moment I left the retreat with a whole new view on my faith.  I could sit here and say what I believe in and what I don’t believe in but to all of you reading this the details don’t really matter that much. If you want more details feel free to talk on Twitter. Either way I left the retreat with a whole new perspective on Catholics. I may not go to Church every Sunday. In fact since college my Church attendance has dwindled and since  I graduated from College I have only been on Christmas and Easter. But I PRAY. I pray for healing, I pray for thanks, I pray for others and I pray for knowledge and strength, plus a whole lot of other things that are incredibly personal. Being that I have a great relationship with God I want my daughter to as well. Knowing fully that I will be attending church more frequently in the future. So when pregnant with Jules I knew baptizing her would be difficult. Being that I moved recently ( not belonging to a particular parish at the moment), not attending church regularly on Sunday(or Saturday night), also that no close friends or family are “practicing catholics” enough so that finding a sufficient godparent wouldn’t be an easy task. *Sigh*

I did it though. All that needed to be done, signed and scheduled an attended has been done including dragging my what seems to be my child husband to the Pre-Jordan class.

This brings me to today and the pre-jordan class so frequently mentioned above. My husband wanted to kill himself. He not being a practicing Catholic( baptized as a baby and thats it) decided that when we sat down to pray we sounded like a cult. *mental slap* I told him I don’t care that he doesn’t go to church or that he doesn’t want to ever. I wanted to baptize our daughter and I told him all we had to do was go to the pre-jordan class together. It was like taking  a kid to the dentist, kicking and screaming all the way there and BACK. UGH.  Needless to say we  made it through the class. Now all we have to do is make it through the actual baptism in two weeks. Hopefully Hubs won’t be as upset about the actual baptism.  Hey at least there will be food afterwards.  Anyways He spent all morning being so upset, now this afternoon we sat down to watch a couple of episodes of Days of our lives.  He fell asleep being as he was soooo tired after all his bitching about the pre-jordan class. I will leave you all with this picture of him doing just that.



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