New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Things I have learned

IMG_0993In the past week I have learned that:

Leaving Juliette with Sam alone makes him nervous. He gets frustrated because she will get upset and wants to nurse and obviously he can’t nurse her. Though he’s not too nervous that he doesn’t want to be left with Jules. He is too in love with his daughter to say no to that cute little face, especially when she is so tightly clutching his finger.

I have learned that he has it good, very good. He may not be rich or drive a fast super awesome car, in fact Big RED is an 89 Dodge Dakota that is an easily recognizable POS, don’t have photos yet but I will get one. He has had that truck since shortly before we met and I have no reason to ever want to drive it, or ever let him drive with our daughter in it. That truck defines his personality at least part of it. He may not make money like Bill Gates or be in the technology business which is apparently the safest job market. But he does have it good, very good.

Our baby is beautiful and healthy. I am so blessed and thankful that she was born with ten fingers and ten toes and in perfect health aside from a slight iron deficiency. I have been reading about many people out there on their blogs and on Twitter who have had health issues arise in their family and I have been absent online much IMG_0991because their stories have hit me hard.  It must be hormones or the fact that I am now a mom because I’ve wept for Maddie and I am praying for Stellan and not a day goes by when I don’t think about them or any other family going through something similar or even something small, because even the smallest thing can hit you like a ton of bricks, and they are you babies, we want only the BEST for them. I am so lucky that my husband is loving and caring and has a good job and loves us more than life itself. Our daughter has brought out a side of him I had never met but I guess I always knew was there and our lives have grown since she arrived only seven short weeks ago.

So this past week or two while I have not posted very much I have been here in spirit whole heartedly hoping and praying for other people to recieve the same blessings in which I am thankful to have and keep recieving everyday.


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