New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Five Years Together on my birthday

So yesterday was my 26th Birthday. Every year for the last five years my birthday has also been my dating anniversary with Sam. Since last years birthday though we did get married on May 1st of this year. Yesterday marks 5 years that Sam and I have been together. My husband and I met about seven years ago and worked together at a local area restaurant.  We were good friends for awhile but it wasn’t until my 21st birthday that we started dating. I have had my share of heartbreaks and disappointments but Sam has never fit one of the molds. We work with each other and for each other and in light of our baby girl, which wasn’t planned we only grew closer together. We are more than happy to have her and wouldn’t trade her or each other for the world. We were talking last night about how much our lives have changed since we met. Going from the excitement of college and turning 21 in West Chester area( everything in walking distance to a bar), to having graduated, gotton married and have a baby, plus we moved out of west chester. My mother keeps saying she doens’t know where the last 26 years went. I stand back and think how five years ago this morning I woke up in Sams bed HUNGOVER from the birthday bash the night before not realizing that the previous drunken evening would be the beginning of the rest of our lives.


We started off yesterday, or rather I did by sleeping in, how nice that was!! More thanks to my baby daughter for not waking me up but still, it was much appreciated. Sam spent the morning cleaning, bless his heart and being happy about it too! I was almost in shock. At first irritated thinking of ALL TIMES you pick to clean you pick my birthday!! But I got used to the idea realizing I wouldn’t have to spend the first part of the week catching up on cleaning. After the cleaning and showering was done we went an hung out at his dads house a few minutes away and left Juliette there for an hour while we went grocery shopping, ALONE. We arrived back at Sam Jrs ( my sam is Sam III) with Jules sleeping on his chest. We just picked her up and headed home only to nurse her for a little while, since we had tons of family offereing to babysit her for my birthday, Sams mom( his parents are divorced) came over to watch Jules while my dear husband took me to the Black Lab Bistro. It was BYOB, but thats ok since I haven’t gotton back into the swing of drinking when I go out due to the nursing. Its ok though because the food was FANTASTIC.  The place is located in Pheonixville, PA. It was so good. I recommend it! I did miss my baby being out for a little while without her but in all 26 years it was probably the best birthday I ever had.



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