New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Weigh too much!! ;-)

Okay so today I am planning on going to the gym. I feel the need to get there more than ever. I found out yesterday at my first postpardum appointment that I gained 70 fucking pounds when I was pregnant. I didn’t change my diet, I didn’t even add that extra 300 calories that you are supposed to add when you get pregnant. I don’t even eat junk food or take out food. I actually am very proud that I eat very healthy. I didn’t know that I gained that much during my pregnancy because I stopped looking when it was up to 50.  I was underweight prior to getting pregnant so I would ideally like to loose 50 of the 70 that I gained to be at a “healthy” weight. Either way I have 30 pounds left to go. ARG!  Now I am breastfeeding so I know its not healthy to diet or loose lots of weight right away, I am relatively okay with that. Whatever is better for my daughter I am on board with. But I would REALLY like to wear jeans again. REALLY. Luckily my gym membership is free and I have lots of family in the area willing to babysit. So in due time I will wear jeans again, just probably not for another month or two.  So my mom is coming to watch Jules this afternoon while I trek to the gym and workout and tan. God how much I need a tan, and to drop that nasty 30 pounds. Please God Make it MELT AWAY…Please!!??!! & Thank YOU!!! I guess its true what they say, you never appreciate something until its gone….that something being my prepregnant body. Never again will it be the same.


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