New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Men and their Selective Hearing

Okay so fourth of July weekend is officially over. Not that the 4th meant anything special to me other than the fact that my husband had a three day weekend which meant it may possibly mean that HE MAY HELP me with the baby more. HA. As much as I love to make fun of and criticise my dear husband for backing out of husbandly duties, he is a wonderful man and is a big help when I really  need him. He is incredibly supportive and best of all totally in love with our baby girl. Unfortunately the last few days no matter what he does our daughter only wants mommy. I’ve heard its the being close to Mommys heart beat for so long or Mommys smell or even the comfort of being able to nurse her at a moments notice, but no matter what the last few nights have been spent solely sleeping with mommy in bed, while my husband sleeps on the couch. Poor Sammy, I think. He gets so irritated when he can’t calm her down and there are visons in my mind of him believing he isn’t a good Dad because she won’t calm down for him. Or he even jokes that she doesn’t love daddy because she won’t stop crying for him sometimes. This only makes me more upset and want him to try more to calm her.  Little do I know he is only joking and these “jokes” only worry me. He enjoys sleeping on the couch by himself not worrying if he is rolling over on our sweet l ittle girl or waking up to change her diaper because she is in arms reach. No when she sleeps with me, I wake up and change her and feed her and bring her back to bed while he is dead to the world on the couch probably dreaming about cigars, beer and Planet Fitness. Seriously he dreams about his job like Im sure many people do…. So when I wake up in the morning and make him breakfast and pack his lunch and we drink coffee before heading off to the purple and yellow church of Planet Fitness I ask how he slept and usually its fine, and then he asks ” why are you so tired looking?” REALLY ….REALLY he HAD to ASK. Sometimes I just want to smack him upside the head and pull out a tape recorder of each and every conversation we had indicating as to WHY I might be tired. Men and their selective hearing.

Over all though the weekend went well, other than my overworrying and my daughter wanting to nurse every hour the last few days.  I look foward to grandma coming to babysit later today so I can go to the gym, yes Planet Fitness, so that I can loose this love weight that I gained while growing this little girl. Not to mention the hour doing something around adults is refreshing as well. I hope all of you who went out to enjoy fireworks or go on vacation enjoyed themselves! Happy 4th Everyone…


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