New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Fun Filled Friday

So today is Friday. My husband has every other Friday off from Planet Fitness and works that Saturday. This was done so that he could get to know his weekend staff. This weekend he has off the whole weekend. Yesterday his boss told him to go home early and then invited him over for grilling and drinking. I think my lightweight of a husband drank more than he ate because he was kinda sloppy after a half hour of getting home.  He would say that he wasn’t drunk but I know better. I may also say he is a lightweight yet I have not had a drink since before our daughter was born and I have NO IDEA how I would handle my alcohol right now. Either way I wanted to get to the grocery store before EVERYONE else in America decided to go, and the moment I suggested it and he was fine with that. I turn around and he is passed out sitting upright on the couch. HA…grocery store my ass. OH well. I am not the kind of person that tells him he can’t go hang out with his friends. I mean I care about how much time he spends with Jules and me at home but I don’t want him to feel like being a husband and a dad is a chore that HAS to be done.  So daddy duty was a bust for the night. On the bright side Juliette slept in the cosleeper from 11pm until 130am. That’s a first. After her 130 feeding she wouldn’t sleep unless cuddled up with me…so that’s where she slept until 630, at which point it was Coffee time for mommy.

Being fourth of July Weekend Everyone was at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Limerick today. Carters is/was having a 3.99 and up sale, which we took advantage of. Not that I didn’t get enough baby clothes at my shower but there were a few things we wanted to get. In the last ten minutes of being at the outlets she was very upset. I knew she wanted to eat and I was prepared to leave, but it seemed like that ten minutes was an hour and I was that woman with the screaming baby in the store. FUN. I swear if she could speak she would have been screaming that I was killing her. What a Fun Filled Friday and the best part…its not over. The grocery store has yet to be graced by our presence. After this long day, this night will be FILLED with Daddy duty so mommy can sleep.


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