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Lock me up and throw away the key!

I can not in my wildest nightmares imagine something like this happening to me, but in all reality it is happening and to someone who I am technically related to, or will be. My mother in law is engaged, and her fiance has been a part of my husbands life since his parents divorced when he was 12. So all his family has been part of his life for a very long time. The fiances name is Rick, he has two sons and two daughters, if I remember correctly. His daughters are twins and Nicole (24) just had a baby. Now Nicole is not the brightest crayon in the box but as far as I have been told has not been officially diagnosed with a mental or physical disorder, yet SSI pays for just about everything in her life. My mother in law, Holly, was skeptical that Child Services would let Nicole keep her  baby. This skepticism is based purely on her own opinion that she would never leave her own child in the care of this girl. I love my mother in law but she is also not the sharpest tool in the shed.  For example my husband was talking about Penn State Main, and she says ” oh I didn’t know there was a Penn State in Maine”.  Like I said I love my mother in law.

Nicole on the other hand is a different brand of not so smart. I have never met her so all I know is from my husband and his moms side of the family. Yet with all the stories of her that I have heard my heart desperately  goes out to her as a mom and it breaks furiously for what has happened to her this last week.  Her water broke last Wednesday and went to the hospital to deliver her baby girl. She got to 9.5 cm dilated and then the doctors said that she needed to have a cesarean section. She delivered a healthy baby girl to my knowledge at 8lbs 11oz, 20 inches long. Holly and Rick went to go and visit her the next morning and when they arrived Child Services was smugly leaving Nicoles room with tears streaming down her cheeks.  Nicole may be what some people call white trash and her IQ may not be really high, but to have your baby taken away from you right after birth after you spent 40 weeks carrying her and falling in love with her, preparing for her arrival, THAT IS NOT RIGHT.  I don’t care who you are or what your IQ is, taking away your baby BEFORE they can PROVE that you are inept to care for a child is or what I thought was against the law. I thought at least they would have to leave the child in the care of grandparents! The nurses wouldn’t even give Rick the time of day. When the nurses told Nicole that she couldn’t see her baby on Thursday she screamed about how they needed a court order to do that. On Friday Nicole was being discharged, which I thought personally was too soon for a C section, she asked to go by the nursery to see her daughter. They had gotten a court order and removed the baby from the hospital Friday morning!  The reason Child services gave was that Nicoles apartment was not a good enough home because the apartment building has a large community of people who drink and take drugs. Okay, that’s understandable, I wouldn’t want to take my baby home to that, but to take my baby away strictly on where my address is? There must be something that we are not being told.

I can’t imagine spending all that time preparing for this light of my life to come home with me and to find out that she was taken out of the hospital without my knowlege, not knowing if I will see her ever again, you might as well lock me up and throw away the key because I would go crazy not being able to have my daugher in my arms. My heart goes out to Nicole and her boyfriend and Rick and anyone else close to her. I know there is a court hearing soon, and I hope for the best for Nicole and her baby daughter, I just hope that the best includes mom and daughter together even if it is supervised in some way.


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  1. Wow, what a horrible situation! I agree with you, what they did doesn’t seem right to me either!

    July 1, 2009 at 7:52 pm

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