New Mom and New Wife figuring it out one day at a time…

Three Weeks old Today!!!

YAWN....Three weeks is hard work

YAWN....Three weeks is hard work

So today our little girl is now three weeks old. My goodness these three weeks have flown by! I mean they haven’t been the quickest three weeks ever but they sure went a heck of a lot faster than the whole last week of my pregnancy that’s for sure.  Jules eyes are open a bit more now and I am excited to see if those blue-gray eyes turn to be any other color. It’s possible that they won’t but our families give her the potential to have blue, green or brown eyes and of course there is always a chance for hazel.

My husband asked me a couple days ago, and was SO CUTE when he did, said ” is it okay if I love her more than I love you right now?”…how sweet is that? He does so well with her. The father in him has really shown through except for when its 3am, shes crying and he is in the middle of sleeping in the middle of the night. I don’t think he thinks about what he is saying or that she can even care that he is saying “shut up” in the nicest quietest tone possible for 3am, but its the mommy in the other room thinking ” Oh my god, he is telling our daughter to shut up and shes just hungry and needs changed!!” ….ahhh! He does say that he wishes he could feed her, like in Meet the Fockers, when he puts on the fake boobs and feeds the baby through that….I don’t know if he was serious or just wanted a laugh. Either way, he got a laugh and it got no further than that.

Our little princess has recently reached 7lbs and 0-3 months clothes are STILL too big for her. None of the dresses that were bought at my shower fit and she kicks socks off like its a race to see how soon after Mommy puts them on can she kick them off and loose one. So far I have mastered eating with one hand and holding her with the other. The nurse in the NICU when she was born said breastfeeding will be that easy at some point, where I can breastfeed, talk on the phone and make lunch or dinner and clean all at the same time! HA….maybe someday.

So now that she is three weeks old I want to start working out. This is partially easy because I have a free gym membership, my husband manages Planet Fitness so my membership is no problem. Leaving her with a babysitter ( either grandma or other family) is the next step to overcome. I just want to wear Jeans again. That’s all, just jeans. I know my boobs are ginormous and will be like that while  I breastfeed for awhile, but I used to live in Jeans. Jeans are all I want, for now. So this week we will see if I get to the gym, and IF i get there How OFTEN. Here’s to Three Weeks Juliette ( and all the stretch marks and extra pounds mommy is carrying! You were so worth it!)


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